Friday, September 25, 2015

How Press Releases May Help You Improve SEO

Small business owners sometimes overlook press releases backlinks in an SEO campaign mainly because not many small business owners have heard of them or understand how they can be of benefit. Press release web sites are just news release sites that operate online and despite their traditional offline definition, you don’t necessarily need to submit any breaking news like you may see on the front page of the news paper.  This is because people often think of sensational stories located on the first page, when in fact almost all of the news paper is significantly less sensational. Most of it merely describes fairly ordinary activities.  As one aspect of developing your small business' online brand, press releases may well improve general awareness about your company, which is what SEO is becoming about.

Here are some suggestions you may use to be able to generate press release content:
* New products or services
* Industry developments
* New employees
* Community involvement stories
* How you are staying competitive
* Run a holiday sale
* Run a webinar
* Start a podcast
* Implement new machinery or techniques
* Customer referral program
* Tour of your business
* Improving employee benefits
* Patent applications or awards

In most cases you are able to include what's referred to as a contextual backlink. Contextual backlinks an important aspect of your SEO and are characterized by being surrounded by terms or language related to your industry.  Utilize your main keyword as the text of the link.  Before selecting a press release service, ensure they enable you to include contextual backlinks.

Examples of Press Release Services:


A key thing to take note of is that you shouldn’t submit the identical article to all the sites. Instead you could submit unique articles to each PR provider. One of many ways it is possible to speed up your press release submissions is for you to take one particular post and spin it into many different articles, and subsequently submit each spun article to a separate press release site.

A further thing to consider is the actual development of the press release itself.  Some services do this within the base services.  Some will perform it for an extra fee.  Some others will require that you send a fully-written press release.  Since this affects the charge, you will need to research this aspect.

Retain a record of all of your press release URL's so that you will be able to reference them later on.

Remember, if you are contemplating SEO your primary consideration is to give thought to your reader and growing your internet brand, creating awareness regarding your company and services while doing so in a way that makes it much easier for the search engines to comprehend how the services that your business provides are matched to the types of searches that individuals are making.  Search engine optimization isn't about any type of trickery; it's about making things easier for the search engines and simply being purposeful instead of throwing information out there and hoping they will be able to connect the dots for you.  Press releases are no different in this regard; they're really simply another kind of content marketing.  An SEO company (visit now) will most likely be able to help you with getting the most benefit from a press release with special consideration given to improving your brand.

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