Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Building Social Bookmarking Backlinks

Social bookmarks are another form of creating backlinks to your website.  To explain this idea I will use a real world example.  You can use special social bookmarking websites that let you do something similar with a website as with a book you might be reading and want to also let others know about, thus the term social bookmarking.

Social bookmarking sites have changed in value over time.  Their value has gone down a bit from what it used to be due to abuse.  However they are still a good source of backlinks for quantity, relevance, and diversity.

Examples of social bookmarking sites include:
* Digg
* Del.icio.us
* Technorati
* Reddit
* Slashdot
* Tagza
* Newsvine
* Connotea
* Sphinn
* Fark
* Wsik
* LinksMarker
* Blinklist

You can create social bookmarks either:

[EDIT] This post was edited and some text removed in order to clarify that I do not recommend attempting to obtain any sort of paid bookmarks or automating their creation.  Create good content that people want to share and you will get them naturally.

Remember that, by themselves, social bookmarks are not something you should rely on, so you may want to consider hiring a Raleigh SEO company.

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